Thursday, 18 March 2010

Google vanity

Somewhat shamefully I must admit,  that on very dull days at work,  I have been known to type my name into Google search. There is something both comforting and scary to find out what I might have been up to.
My vanity and boredom knowing no bounds, today I googled 'Resistant but Persistent'. 
For my efforts I've learned, among other things, that this is a medical term for something that's hard to treat - which sounds about right. But my very favourite reference was from the minutes of a meeting of Parliament in Kampala on Tuesday, 18 November 2003:
Madam Speaker, the committee was informed that buffalos are resistant but persistent carriers of FMD virus
I understand that FMD stands for Foot and Mouth Disease. While I have to own up to occasional foot in mouth afflictions, and I do like to wallow in the bath, I've never before thought of myself as a potential buffalo.......


Philip said...

If I google my blog name I come up first few but this one next, frankly I'm pleased.

Liz said...

My name is Liz and I, too, have googled my name (she says sheepishly). Maybe we're related! ;)