Sunday, 22 August 2010

In praise of small things- part seven - and a bit

So... I've come to the end of the meme, I've reached my seven, I've praised small things six times over and I've only one more post to write before sending the blog-baton whirling through the ether.
The biggest challenge left to me now - how to finish off?
Before I started, I wrote myself a list - just to be sure that there were indeed seven small things I could write about. After my second post I abandoned the list. Other things just kept popping up that I wanted to spend a little time with.
So today, when I need write about only one more thing, I have a whole heap of petite pleasures left to choose from.
Can I select the right one; a pocket-sized-but-perfectly-formed final instalment? A golden blogging moment that will leave you nodding your head in understanding, pausing for a moment to reflect on our shared experience, perhaps even smiling?
The trouble with small things is just that. They're small. In and of themselves, they don't amount to much. The pleasure they give me is mine, all mine, built up from experience and memory, from touching and tasting, seeing and imagining. And because of that I don't think I can choose just one to end with.
So instead, I will share with you my list. I'm sure it contains some items you'll be glad I overlooked . There might, just might, though be one or two that spark a moment of curiosity. Should that happen, let me know - I've got a whole lifetime of future posts to fill.

In praise of small things - the shortlist

  1. sherbet maypoles
  2. pebbles
  3. the bristles on Philip's chin
  4. bead necklaces hanging on the mirror
  5. picking berries
  6. Megan (she's short...)
  7. stitches
  8. playing two-balls on the shed door
  9. painting my toe-nails
  10. theatre tickets as bookmarks


Pat said...

I vote for short Megan.

Liz said...

Well done, Sharon.

I'd love to hear about sherbet maypoles as I've no idea what that is.

Baglady said...

I adore the imagery of the theatre tickets as bookmarks. Lovely.

Philip said...

If I was MrLondonStreet I'd make some coarse comment about the phrase "Sherbet Maypole". But as you well know I'm a clean minded boy. So I won't.

Pat - you don't need to vote for short megan. The votes are in, they're counted. She's short.

justjulia said...

a marvelous list--i agree that the theatre tickets as bookmarks is lovely.