Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Nobody does vincible half as well as us*

Our vincible band of writers
marched unseeingly on,
as the clichés flowed like hydrants
to extinguish wintry sun.

The images donned their armbands
for the struggle to the shore,
crawled through the sands of thens and ands;
the flotsam of the jaw.

The adjectives drowned the pronouns,
yet the adverbs missed their cue,
while the metaphors fought with similes
to outwit the plain and true.

Our vincible band of wordsmiths
described, unknowingly, on,
deconstructed by our verbiage.
The war of words not won.

*my thanks to @MrLondonStreet  for the tweet that prompted this poem 
(and brightened an otherwise gloomy day).


Philip said...

"our vincible band of wordsmiths" I thought this was great Sharon. Even a bad day can bring a good poem.

otherworldlyone said...

I don't know much about poems, but I really liked this. Especially the second stanza. Is it stanza? Well, you know what I mean in any case.

Shopgirl said...

vincible wordsmiths.. a cool name for a writer's group

Happy Frog and I said...

I am not much of a poet as you are aware, but I really love reading your poems. This was so good, I am very envious! It is lovely to be inspired by something through the day. In my case it will be this post!

Dani'sfadingmargins said...

Y'all should totally make some kind of official group, as says Shopgirl. The Vincible Wordsmiths...it demands a website of it's own. :)

Thanks for this latest lovely!

Baglady said...

I love "the flotsam of the jaw". Fantastic!

Suzie @nowriggling said...

Love this! Crawled through sands of thens and ands.. What a brilliant way with words. x

Mr London Street said...

I just loved this, it redeemed an awful day. Let's do it. Let's raise vincibility to an art form.

Philip said...

Proud to be vincible.

Creatively Sensitive said...

Wow! The imagery in this is fantastic!

Pat said...

Guilty as charged:)

Jayne said...

Our vincible band of wordsmiths... Indeed, a 21st Century Cafe society. And there, such wonderful company.

Jane said...

Wonderful imagery.
Love the idea of the Vincible Wordsmiths too.

Tom Atkins said...

I love poems about poems and poetry. Well done!

Sharon Longworth said...

Philip - thank you.

OWO - yep it's a stanza, but I'm really glad you liked it whatever it's called.

Shopgirl - thank you! Vincible wordsmiths does seem to have a certain ring doesn't it?

Happy Frog - I'm incredibly pleased and flattered to think I might be an inspiration - thank you!

Sharon Longworth said...

Dani - thank you - Vincible Wordsmiths seems to be gaining a life of its own, so keep an eye out for the website.

Baglady - thank you :)

Suzie - thanks for stopping by to read and leave a comment - much appreciated.

MLS - my thanks to you for being my muse!

Sharon Longworth said...

Philip - I'm proud to join you in vincibility.

Creatively Sensitive - I'm really glad you liked it.

Pat - no charge, no guilt - we're all just playing with words

Jayne - it's a lovely idea isn't it - our own wonderful group of writers

Sharon Longworth said...

Jane - I'm really pleased that you liked the poem and the idea of the Vincible Wordsmiths

Tom - hello! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment - much appreciated.

Sally-Sal said...

I loved this, Sharon. :)