Monday, 29 June 2020

What is it you see first?


What is it you see first?

            Is it the worst, the mindless, thoughtless deed,

            the violence, the selfish greed,

            the cutting word, the slur you heard

            the disregard for you, your creed?

Or is there something else you see?

            A vision of humanity,

            where each and every one has worth, 

                regardless of their place of birth,

            where what we say, and what we do, 

                is measured by a different view,

that sees the good and shouts it loud

and spots the kindness in the crowd

and looks to soothe another’s pain.

And tries its best.

Again, again.



Elephant's Child said...

The bad is louder. Much louder.
I am learning to train myself to focus on the other - which is a huge benefit to my mindset and mood.

Sharon Longworth said...

It's hard isn't it, the news and social media all shout so loudly, but I think we can learn to look for the other - and the more we do it, the more we see x